Westminster Staff Members With Whom You'll Work Closely

Westminster Wedding Coordinator

When your wedding has been scheduled on the church calendar and your deposit received, the Executive Assistant will assign a Westminster Wedding Coordinator for your ceremony and related activities.  The Westminster Wedding Coordinator will contact you to arrange a time to meet at the church to review the Westminster policies, the details of your wedding, and give you a tour of the church and the equipment that is available for your use.

The Coordinator's knowledge of the policies regarding the rehearsal, the ceremony, and the facilities will keep the service of marriage running smoothly and in accordance with the Westminster Presbyterian Church's manner of worship.  It is mandatory for a Westminster Wedding Coordinator to be the sole wedding coordinator involved in the planning fo the rehearsals, wedding ceremonies, and receptions at Westminster.  If either the bride or groom has four or more attendants, an additional Westminster Wedding Coordinator will be assigned to assist with the rehearsal and wedding.

The Westminster Wedding Coordinator has the authority to make decisions and enforce guidelines regarding the elements of the service and related matters.  ti's important to you to help your family, friends, florists, and photographer understand this relationship, the coordinator's authority and role as the sole wedding coordinator involved.

Please note, however, it is not the responsibility of the Westminster Wedding Coordinator to assist with decorating or the removal of decorations and equipment after the wedding.  you must make arrangements for someone to be responsible for this task.

Westminster Staff Members with Whom You'll Work Closely

Presiding Minister for Your Wedding

A Christian marriage is a covenant in God's sight.  No person is more capable or eager to guide you to a truly mature, Christian marriage than the minister.  With this in mind, it is our policy that all weddings taking place at Westminster Presbyterian church be officiated by one of the Westminster staff ministers.  The staff minister will be the Presiding Minister who will approve any written materials used in the wedding service, be present for your rehearsal, and conduct your wedding ceremony.  The Presiding Minister will also conduct the premarital counseling process required for all couples.  This counseling process will be a series of meetings that may include discussions of spiritual formation, service planning, and personality assessment components.

If you would like a visiting minister to also participate in your wedding service, several specific procedures must be followed:

  • Notify the Executive Assistant to the Senior Pastor/Head of Staff at least three months in advance of the wedding date.
  • Upon the Pastor/Head of Staff's approval, you will need to submit a written request to the Session of Westminster Presbyterian Church for approval.
  • Upon approval by the Session, the Pastor/Head of Staff will extend an invitation to your visiting minister and will identify the parts of the wedding service in which he or she may be involved.  When an invitation is extended, please note that the outside minister is a guest of Westminster Presbyterian.
  • Participation by an ordained PCUSA Westminster Staff minister is required for all wedding rehearsals and weddings conducted at Westminster when a visiting minister is participating.

The Director of Worship & Music

The wedding service at Westminster Presbyterian Church is a Christian worship service celebrating the joining of a couple in holy matrimony and involving God's blessing and spiritual guidance.  Because of this, the Director of Worship & Music is closely involved in the musical aspects of the wedding service.