Westminster Presbyterian Church Facilities

The following facilities are available for wedding ceremonies and receptions at the church.

Chapel has a seating capacity of 125.

Bride's Dressing Room


The Payne Garden Court and Campbell Social Hall are available for wedding receptions. If you desire to have your wedding reception at the church, please consult with your Westminster Wedding Coordinator. In general, caterers may not use the church kitchens, but may set up and serve from the various hallways or in a designated part of the reception area. The church does not furnish linens, plates, flatware, serving trays, or punch bowls to be used during weddings or receptions.



Sanctuary has seating capacity of 650.

Bride’s Dressing Room

A dressing room is available for both Sanctuary and Chapel weddings for the bride and her attendants. Located away from the regular flow of traffic, this room provides ample carpeted space, mirrors, dressing tables, and a restroom.  Locked storage space is available to store the wedding dress overnight, but the church is not responsible for theft or for damage by vandalism, fire, or natural disasters. Please consult with your Westminster Wedding Coordinator if you are interested in storing your dress overnight.


Groom’s Dressing Area (not pictured)

A dressing room is available for the groom and his attendants. Let your Westminster Wedding Coordinator know if you would like to store clothing overnight in a locked closet. Again, the church is not responsible for theft or for damage by vandalism, fire or natural disasters.



Nursery services are available for children upon request. The charge for using the nursery at Westminster is $50 per two-hour period for up to three children. If you desire to use nursery service, please coordinate this with your Westminster Wedding Coordinator.

Garden Court (Campbell Social Hall not pictured)

General Facility Guidelines

You and your wedding party may arrive at the church four (4) hours before the wedding service begins. You will need to plan to be out of the church one hour following the end of your wedding service or reception if it’s being held at the church.

It is the responsibility of the bride and groom to communicate the following policies to the wedding party, families and guests: 

  • No smoking is permitted in the church or on church property.
  • Alcoholic beverages are strictly prohibited on all church property, including parking lots.
  • No person under the influence of alcohol or drugs may be present at the rehearsal, wedding ceremony, or reception held at the church.
  • The wedding party and guests have access to only those areas designated for wedding activities, i.e., the Sanctuary or Chapel, restrooms, Bride’s Dressing Room, Groom’s Dressing Area, and rooms used for the reception.
  • No electronic equipment such as TV/DVD’s will be brought into the Bride’s Dressing Room or Groom’s Dressing Area.
  • It is your responsibility to see that the dressing rooms and church facilities are left as clean as possible after the wedding. We suggest that you designate someone to be sure everything has been removed. Any items left at the church will be discarded.
  • Any food or beverages brought into the Bride’s Dressing Room or the Groom’s Dressing Area must be removed from the Westminster property and parking lots prior to the departure from the facility.
  • No rice, wheat, balloons, confetti, birdseed, or sparklers are permitted inside or outside the church.
  • Church fixtures and equipment will be treated in a respectful and careful manner.

Failure to comply with any of these policies will result in additional charges being billed to the wedding party. Any further questions you have concerning the facility or arrangements for weddings should be directed to your Westminster Wedding Coordinator.