The Wedding Service

The Wedding Service

"Music suitable for the marriage service directs attention to God and expresses the faith of the church.  The congregation may join in hymns* and other musical forms of praise and prayer.  Flowers, decorations, and other appointments should be appropriate to the place of worship, enhance the worshipers' consciousness of reality of God and reflect the integrity and simplicity of Christian life." Book of Order W.4.9005; *Hymns as found in the blue (1990) PCUSA hymnal)


All music for wedding services at Westminster Presbyterian Church must be sacred in nature.  The Director of Worship & Music must approve the following:

  • All music selections for the ceremony.
  • The inclusion of guest musicians and the selections of the music they perform.

The Director of Music & Worship, Josh Phelps may be contacted Monday through Friday between 8:30 am and 5:00 pm to schedule a meeting to discuss your musical selections.  the Director can be reached by calling 405.524.2224, ext. 240 or

it is important to note the following with regard to the music for your wedding:

  • Recorded music is not permitted.
  • No electronically enhanced instruments may be attached to the church audio system.
  • External amplification is not permitted.

Candles and Unity Ceremonies

Only drip-less candles may be used in the church.  Eighteen aisle candle holders that attach to the ends of the pews in the Sanctuary are available.  The Chapel pews do not accommodate aisle candle holders.  Two brass seven-branch candelabras are also available for use during the ceremony.  Votive candles may be used in a limited number and restricted placement.  the Westminster Wedding Coordinator must approve the use and placement of votive candles.

If you plan to include a unity candle in your marriage service, the church has available gold and silver unity candles that you may take with you following the service.

If you wish to include a unity sand element in your marriage service, you will need to provide all sand and containers.  These will be placed on a covered table provided by the church and located in the same general area designated for the unity candle.


It is not necessary to have a program or written order of service for your wedding.  However, if you choose to print a program, the Presiding Minister must approve the draft before it is printed.  If programs are to be used, please plan to bring them to the church at the time of your rehearsal.  The church is unable to accept early delivery or to provide storage for printed wedding programs.

Video / Audio / Photographer

The wedding is a special day for the couple, their families, and friends.  In this joyfulness, there is a desire to "capture the moment".  Every wedding at Westminster however, is first and foremost a service of Christian worship.  This service should be conducted with reverence and dignity with the primary focus on God, rather than the wedding party.  For this reason, five minutes prior to the beginning of the worship service, the Presiding Minister will instruct the congregation to refrain from taking videos or photos during the service.

During the service, your professional photographer will have access to the two camera platforms in the north and south transepts the balcony, the center aisle behind the seated congregation, and west of the bell tower entrance.  Flash photography during the worship service is not permitted.

Outside video and audio operators will not be allowed access to the Westminster audio room.  A complete three-camera video production system may be scheduled with the church's audio / video crew for an additional charge and subject to availability.  The church provides microphones for the minister and musicians; and must be arranged in advance in consultation with the Westminster Wedding Coordinator.

Marriage License

In order for the wedding ceremony to be conducted at Westminster Presbyterian Church, the bride and groom must have a valid marriage license issued by the Oklahoma County Court Clerk’s Office. Please see the Court Clerk’s website for details on obtaining the license:

A reduced marriage license fee is available upon the submission to the court clerk of an original certificate of successful completion of a premarital counseling program. This can be arranged with the Presiding Minister. The certificate must be an original document stating that the named persons have successfully completed the premarital counseling requirements. No copies, faxes, or emailed certificates are accepted.

The marriage license should be delivered within ten (10) days from the date of issue to the Presiding Minister. Within the five days following the wedding ceremony, the Presiding Minister will return the marriage license to the Oklahoma County Court Clerk’s Office.

Communion will not be served at weddings conducted at Westminster Presbyterian Church


Flowers may be placed in specific positions in the Sanctuary or Chapel.  Typically the placement is at each end of the Communion table and at the sides of the chancel steps.  The church provides a limited number of pedestals for flowers.  Please confirm the placement locations and pedestal availability with the Westminster Wedding Coordinator prior to consultation with your florist.

As you consult with your florist, it's important to remember the following:

  • Flowers and candles may not be placed on the Communion table or on any musical instrument.
  • There are to be no nails, adhesive tape, wire or any kind of fastener used that might mar surfaces of the church.
  • Live or artificial flower petals may not be dropped on the carpet of the Sanctuary or Narthex, or any area of the church or church grounds.
  • Rice, birdseed, potpourri, and feathers are not to be thrown in any area of the church or church grounds.
  • When floral arrangements and other decorations have been placed in the Sanctuary or Chapel for special liturgical days, including Advent, they will not be removed for weddings.
  • Special seasonal decorations in the church will not be removed for weddings unless necessary for the flow of traffic.
  • The two cast iron urns containing silk floral arrangements may not be moved from their pedestals in the Chancel.
  • Furniture in the Sanctuary and Chapel may not be moved.
  • Any outside rented fixtures, such as candelabras, will not be set up or taken down by our facilities employees or the Wedding Coordinator.
  • All floral decorations and fixtures must be removed from the church immediately following the ceremony.  the removal is the responsibility of the wedding party.  The church staff and Wedding Coordinator will not provide this service.  Any decorations left in the church will be discarded.  The church does not assume responsibility or liability for any fixtures that do not belong to the church.

Children in the Wedding Party

Please keep in mind the wedding is a sacred and dignified service of worship.  If you are uncertain that the children in your wedding party will be able to behave during the service, consider including them in the photos, but not in the actual wedding service.  Your Westminster Wedding Coordinator can help you with creative ways to include children if you desire.


A thorough rehearsal will facilitate a smooth wedding ceremony. Rehearsals must be scheduled before the day of the wedding, typically the late afternoon or early evening before the day of the ceremony. The Westminster Wedding Coordinator, Presiding Minister and wedding party will schedule a mutually available time for the rehearsal. Everyone participating in the wedding ceremony should be present and on time for the rehearsal. The rehearsal usually takes an hour, depending on the size of the wedding party. Please request that your musicians and vocalists arrive 15 minutes prior to the beginning of the rehearsal for a sound check with the audio engineer. Sound checks cannot occur during the rehearsal or on the day of the wedding.