Adult Education Offerings

Adult Education Offerings



For young professionals and families, LL29, studying the Animate Series on the Bible, led by Richard Zahn.



Comprised of adults ages 40 and over, the Adventurers meet downstairs in room LL30.  


Adult Bible Study

This “55-ish plus” group through scripture study and sharing seeks to discover the living Bible as it speaks to us today. The class meets in the Library (room205) on the second floor. 



Central Campus

Sunday AM Class

January 13th- February 10th

Homo Deus The Future of Us

In the last Pastor’s class of 2018, Dr. Kirbas led us on a journey deep into the past to see how humans became the unique species that we are, especially concerning our sense of religion and community. We based this study on the exciting book by Yuval Noah Harari entitled Sapiens. As a sequel to this class, Dr. Kirbas will bring us on our second journey, not into our past but forward into our future. As we begin the year 2019, on the eve of a whole new decade of the 2020s, it is an excellent time to consider where we seem to be going as a human race. With help from Harari’s new sequel entitled Homo Deus, we will observe and evaluate his claims about our future. Are we really on our way to becoming human gods? If so, wheredoes the real God and religious faith fit? Join us forthis look into the future, in the next Pastor’s Class, beginning TODAY, at 9:30 AM in the Social Hall of the Central Campus.



North Campus

Sunday PM Class

Jan 13 - Feb 10

Coffee With the Pastors

The North Campus will begin an informal Pastor’s Class entitled “Coffee With The Pastors”. In this gathering, we will share conversations about the future of our ministry, the ideas and plans for the two campus Westminster, and we will address questions of faith as it relates to current life. This class will also begin next Sunday, and will be held at 4:00 PM. Worship follows at 5:00 PM.