Barn Dance

Westminster Barn Dance
August 17, 2018
Central Campus
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Why you don't want to miss our next family night event –The Barn Dance...

I was recently asked, “…so what exactly is the Friday Night Barn Dance? Is it square dancing?” The question helped me realize that many in our congregation might not know that this is a unique inter-generational family event open to all ages and abilities. It is not an evening built around traditional square dancing, but rather it is a night built around fellowship, big circle dances while integrating recreation and the Theology of Play. In fact, we could boast that we are bringing in one of the top recreational leadership specialists and theology of play experts in the country. Beth Bannerman Gunn is nationally known for her family based recreation services that are inter-generational. She grew up in the Presbyterian tradition, and her family has been teaching circle dance for generations. In a nutshell, Beth is a specialist in Recreation Leadership, Dance Calling, and incorporating recreation with dance, movement, music that is masterfully woven together in a night of sharing the legacy of big circle barn dance with our congregation.

When Darci first brought the idea to the table about bringing Beth in, I was delighted, but I realize that Oklahoma is far from Black Mountain, North Carolina and the East Coast areas, where everyone is familiar with this concept, and her families specialized leadership events for congregations. I was fortunate to have known her parents when I served at Ginter Park Presbyterian Church in Richmond, Virginia. I remember standing in the social hall at Ginter Park and thinking that I would rather not “square dance,” but Glenn asked that we all stand and hold hands. I thought we were going to pray so of course, I grabbed the hands of those standing next to me and bowed my head. The next thing I knew, he asked that we circle to the left and then circle to the right and I looked up, and he had the whole congregation dancing. Glenn explained that day that he learned dance calling from his Dad who was raised in North Carolina, just northwest of Wilmington and during the tobacco season, the community would gather for a big circle dance. These were held in a barn and often held when a community had gathered around a barn raising or the building barn. It was a social event, but also they all danced to settle the foundation.

This long legacy of big circle dance and fellowship will be shared by Glenn’s daughter with us on August 17 from 5:45 PM - 8 PM at our Central Campus. Beth Gunn will be hosting the evening and is Glenn and Evelyn's daughter. She is an expert in the field of recreation leadership and travels across the country to lead church retreats, youth events, speak at conferences and facilitate recreation at family gatherings. The circle dances are simple and suitable for young and old alike. Beth is also a national leader in youth ministry within our denomination and is highly sought after for her workshops.

I hope you don’t miss this All-Church Barn Dance on August 17, 2018, at our Central Campus at 5:45 pm – 8 PM. Remember no dance experience is necessary. Dinner is included with the event. $7.00 per adult, $5.00 per child, with a $25.00 family max. RSVP is both helpful and appreciated in planning for our meal at this event. Sign-up in the Garden Court or click to RSVP.

Michelle Junkin
Sr. Associate Pastor of Congregational Life