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North Campus
14501 N Rockwell Ave, Oklahoma
City, Oklahoma 73142
(405) 509-9368

Sunday Schedule
• 5 PM - Worship


I would like to speak with a pastor ministry leader...

Rev. Michelle Junkin
Pastoral Contact

[email protected]


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December 4th / 6 PM

S.I.L. Discussion Panel

The congregation and many community members are experiencing their first holiday season after a major loss. This panel is intended to provide them and their families a safe place to learn about grief and ask questions. Please join us at our North Campus on December 4th at 6 PM for a panel discussion. The panel will feature moms from the SIL group who have bravely agreed to share their stories and answer questions about life after loss. This panel discussion will be an informative and powerful evening. If you or someone you love is grieving this holiday season, I pray this will be helpful to you.