Mountain Top BLOG

Thursday Update

I'm very glad I went! I had a lot of fun and created so many new relationships with new people.

I'm very grateful for my life, after seeing all the people in need it makes you realize how lucky you are. Getting to help them really makes you feel good and appreciated.

--Rip Turrentine

I am glad that I that I went to mountain top this week. I spent most of my time serving the community. It was also a good way for me to finish my school's community service requirement. 

--Paul Plowman

I liked mountain top because I met new friends and became closer to God by the service projects and during the worship service. I got kinda sad during the fish hook service. I'm grateful for the friends I met.

--Bryce Carlin

I am glad I came to mountain top because I suprisingly met people I really liked and bonded well with. When I arrived I was a little unsure of what I was getting into. I was caught off guard by how fun it ended up being and I am grateful for the friends I made at Mt TOP and the relationships that grew with the friends I previously had.

--Matthew McClintock

I am glad that I came to Mountain TOP because all of the people were kind. They started conversations with anyone, and they were all good listeners. What I learned about myself is that my relationship with God can be improved. We all need a source of hope in this crazy world of ours, and I have finally found mine. I belong to a family of faith.

--Alex Powell

"Mountain Top has proven to be a great experience. I have worked with other people to place a stone border around flower beds, rake yards, and paint houses. In the mornings we have 15 minutes of reflection time after breakfast, then we gather tools and head to the worksites around nine in the morning. We are split up into randomly assigned mjor groups, which are then broken down into smaller YRG’s, or youth renewal groups. In the evenings we have dinner, worship, and community discussions about what we experienced that day. 

Today my group (which consisted of 9 people) finished painting the exterior of a trailer. It was white with black trim on the edges and the window sills. We painted the walls beige and the trim dark brown. The homeowner, Lesa, felt very thankful that we made her home more beautiful through our hard work. 

Tonight we had a ritual, where we could hang strips of cloth, with prayer requests written on them, on nails stuck to a board. It was an act of giving up our worries to the Lord. After this we all went to bed. 

I am excited for tomorrow because I leaned that my YRG is building steps tomorrow. After two days of painting, I was ready to move on to something different. My Mountain Top experience has been full of hard work, but I’ve also made friends and grown in my faith."

--Gabe Powell

"Yesterday I had a lot of fun building a porch for a family. What was really awesome was that the lady prayed with us and offered us food and drink. It really made an impact on my day."

--Aidan Pezold