Community Garden



WPC Community Garden

 Have you heard about our Community Garden - The Women’s Team invites you to get involved with our community garden located across the street on the Manor lawn.

What and Why: A community garden is not just a place to grow food. It is a way to express our faith by striving to fulfill God’s commission to love as Christ loved, caring for the hungry and celebrating God’s good creation. Every year WPC receives plants and seeds from the Regional Food Bank in good faith that we will tend to the care and cultivation of a garden that will bless community members with the bounty of the harvest. Whether you have a green thumb with a knack for drawing out abundant harvests or a brown thumb with a deep desire to play in the dirt and make mud pies, we need you!!

The community garden is located on the west side of the old manor lot just west of the church at 44th & Shartel.

For more assistance, you may email Shawnna Berryman or give her a call, 405.205.0247.