Pastor's Weekly Letter

A Note From Rev. Dr. Paul J. Kirbas

Dear Congregation,

As we continue to journey into the Easter season, we still carry with us the joyous news! Christ is alive! I hope you continue to feel the energy of the Easter message as we move into the weeks ahead.

I would like to thank those of you who have been attending our April Wednesday evening Bridge program. Our dinners have been full of good food and fellowship, and our classes have been well attended. From one end of our building to the other, you can hear the joyful noise of the ukulele class, smell the deliciousness coming from the cooking class, sense the joy of children doing science experiments, and see the wheels turning in our three adult educational classes. Wednesday nights are full of fun here at Westminster!

On our last Wednesday night of our Bridge program, April 25, I will turn my class overto some guest presenters. The leaders of aministry called World Neighbors will be present to introduce a visiting colleague from Kenya, Africa, Dr. Chris Macoloo. Dr. Macoloo will talk to us about the challenging issue of poverty in Africa, and how World Neighbor’s is making a difference. I hope you will join us for this important stand-alone Bridge event.

I also want to thank all of you who have participated in the Assimilation survey, either through our website or by paper copies. This survey has ended, but please know that it was not an official vote. It was simply a way for us to get a sense of our congregation’s building consensus for this important decision. We are preparing areport with the results of the survey, along with information about our next steps. Please belooking for that in the days ahead.

Now, let us turn our attention back to the early days after the resurrection of Jesus. What importance could possibly be placed on the detail we are told about Jesus eating a piece of fish? But in the post-resurrection stories, every detail has a purpose. Let’s discover this one, and see how it applies to us in the here and now!

In God’s Love,

Rev. Dr. Paul J. Kirbas

Pastor / Head of Staff