Oklahoma Blood Institute

Oklahoma Blood Institute

Oklahoma Blood Institute (OBI) is the ninth largest, non profit blood center in America.

Every two seconds, someone needs blood, yet less than ten percent of those eligible to give blood do it.  Blood donors with Oklahoma Blood Institute know they are, literally, saving the lives of their friends, family and co-workers, some who may have no idea they will need blood in an urgent situation. One blood donation can save up to three peoples' lives.

Westminster Presbyterian Church participates in on-site Blood Drives.  Check our "On-Site Blood Drive" section below for WPC Blood Drive dates or contact the Oklahoma Blood Institute to participate in this live changing and saving opportunity.


Recent Blood Drive Results

We had a very successful drive.  OBI requires a minimum of 20-25 donors, we had 26 successful donors.

Statistical information for the drive:

 Signed Up 32 (5 signed up online)
Walk Ins 8
Cancelled 2
No-Shows 3
Screened Out 6
"Couldn't Wait" 2
Total Successful Donors 26

OBI stated "Fantastic Drive".

Thank you to everyone for your participation!

Information provided by: Anna McMillin

On-Site Blood Drive

OBI has scheduled WPC for another blood drive
January 29, 2017.

If you would like to donate prior to this date, you may do so at any OBI location.  Be sure to tell them you are donating on behalf of Westminster Presbyterian Church.