High School


Besides the fact that I dislike calling something "school" and asking teenagers to wake up on Sunday to attend it, it really is a great time for students to build community and grow in their faith.

All students in grades 7-12 gather in the youth room located in the basement of the church.  (If you are a visitor, it is not what you might imagine!) We have a large group gathering at the start with smaller breakout sessions closing out the morning.

Our "COMMUNITY TIME" is from 9:30 AM-10:15 AM with Sanctuary worship beginning at 10:30 AM.




High School Sunday School Curriculum

High school students (grades 9-12) are studying how faith and
current life and culture interact. They engage in hot button topics
relating to disasters in the world, gun control, different faith traditions,
gender equality, biblical authority and authorship, theology, and applying these topics and their 
faith to real life. We are equipping to go back into the world with language and the ability to
listen - even when they disagree. If you are in this age group, please join us for these engaging