WPC Foundation Giving

Helping Westminster Honor the Past, Sustain the Present & Nurture the Future

Foundation Trustees

Class of 2017

Paige Bass
Ellen Morgan, Chairman
Chris Stephens

Class of 2018

Sally Bentley
Hank Johnson
Jim Richard

Class of 2019

Michael Brown
Richard Darnell, Chair
Susie Graves, Vice Chairman

Class of 2020

Paige Bass

Steve Rasmussen 

Chris Stephens 

Session Representative:  Richard Zahn

Church Trustee Representative: John Frick

At Large:  Hal Brown, Sarah Frank, Cliff Hudson, Alison Taylor


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About the Foundation

The Westminster Presbyterian Church Foundation was officially incorporated as an Oklahoma non-profit foundation on May 18, 2001, for the purpose of supporting the ongoing mission of the church for generations to come.

Under the direct supervision of an independent board of trustees, the Foundation is responsible for raising, receiving, investing and managing gifts of money and other financial assets in an endowment fund for the specific benefit of the church, its facilities and ministries. All Foundation funds are kept separate from the church's budget and are professionally managed through its own investment account.

How Will My Gift Be Used?

Your gift to the Westminster Presbyterian Church Foundation will be invested in the endowment fund of your choice. The earnings on the principal amount will be used to fulfill that fund's specific purpose, while the principal itself will remain untouched.

Westminster Presbyterian Church Legacy Society

Helping Westminster Honor the Past, Sustain the Present & Nurture the Future

The Legacy Society honors and recognizes those who have committed to the future of Westminster in their estate plans or through a defered gift.

You become a Westminster Legacy Society Member by including Westminster Foundation as a beneficiary in your Will or living trust or by establishing a planned gift for Westminster Foundation's benefit, such as a charitable annuity trust or direct contribution.

Legacy Society members will receive special recognition with the church. Members can take great pride in knowing their gifts will become part of an endowment that will perpetuate the growth of Westminster and its mission.

Westminster Presbyterian Church Foundation

You've demonstrated tremendous commitment to your family and church throughout your life. You've given time, money, resources and shared your faith in many ways. As you look toward your heavenly future, what will you leave as a tribute to this life-long journey of faith?

After providing for your loved ones, consider leaving one last testament of faith through your Will that can greatly impact your church, community and world.

Your Will 

Your Will provides clarity regarding:
-Distribution of Possessions
-Guardianship of a minor or management of their inherited
-Assets your loved ones receive
-Your specific instructions

With many of your priorities determined, you can begin looking for a way to make your Will not simply a financial statement, but also a faith statement.

The simple inclusion of your church or beloved ministry into your Will encourages others in their faith, while honoring your own. Bequests can be added when first establishing your Will or through an amendment known as a "Codicil."

Beginning Steps

-Determine the needs of your family
-List the ministries you would like to support
-Finalize recipients to be listed in your Will
-Contact your attorney to establish, amend or review your
-Relax knowing your statement of faith will live on for many years

A bequest is the simplest and most common planned gift. It is an effective way to excercise stewardship with accumulated assets and is best accomplished when creating, reviewing or rewriting your Will. There are several types of bequests.

Specific Assets Bequest
"I give and bequeath all my shares of A Great Company, Inc., Class A common stock to Westminster Presbyterian Church Foundation."

Fixed Dollar Bequest
"I give and bequeath to Westminster Presbyterian Church Foundation the sum of $25,000 for the Children's Ministry."

Percentage Bequest 
"I give and bequeath to Westminster Presbyterian Church Foundation ten percent (10%) of my residuary estate."

Contingency Bequest
"In the event that my beneficiary predeceases me, I bequeath to Westminster Presbyterian Church Foundation the sum of $50,000."

Deferred Gift Annuity
This is another way to assure yourself lifetime payments from property you contribute. When you make an irrevocable gift of cash or securities, you will receive a fixed dollar amount annually, which is determined by your age at the time of the gift. After death, the remaining funds are permanently given to the Foundation.

Life Insurance Beneficiary
Life insurance is an excellent way to create a significantly increased future gift through small annual gifts. When you take out a new policy listing the Foundation as owner and beneficiary, all premium payments are deductible as charitable gifts.

Retirement Plans
Consider naming the Foundation as the beneficiary of your IRA or other retirement plans. Careful planning can minimize the taxes due on retirement during life and death.

All donations to the Westminster Presbyterian Church Foundation are taw-deductible and have great tax-saving benefits. For help in setting up any of these gift plans, please contact and member of the Foundation's Board of Trustees. You may also call the Church Business Office at 405.524.2224 ext. 223.



What Are My Endowment Fund Options?

The Foundation currently has five established endowment funds. 

Westminster Fund
The earnings generated from this fund are used solely for the benefit of Westminster Presbyterian Church, its activities and programs. Undesignated gifts are automatically invested in this fund.

Mary Heath Endowment Fund
This fund was established for the benefit of our wonderful Music Ministry. Earnings from this fund are used toward special performances and needs within the Music Ministry.

Campbell Trust Fund
Earnings from this fund are used to support members of our congregation who are persuing ordained ministry in the Presbyterian Church (USA). These funds are also used by the church's Board of Deacons to support ministry of those in need.

Carillon Fund
Earnings from this fund will go toward Westminsters beautiful carillon that can be heard on Sunday mornings throughout our neighborhood.

Inner Voice Fund 
This fund was established in memory of former Music Ministry Assistant, Marilee Barnett, whose love for music was as great as her talent. Earnings from this fund go towards promoting music for our youth.