An old hymn states: Count your many blessings, name them one by one. As we reflect on our community of faith, there are so many things about Westminster Presbyterian that are true blessings to us, and so many ways the Westminster Presbyterian Church offers blessings to others.  It happens in our children's ministries, as happy and energetic children fill our building throughout the week.  Our congregation is blessed by the many musical offerings provided by our dynamic music ministry.  Blessings occur when we witness our church in actions of mission, as we reach out to the needs of people across town and across the world.  It truly touches our hearts when we see the many acts of grace and kindness that church members show to each other in times of difficulty or sadness.  In way beyond mentoring, the Westminster Presbyterian Church serves as a real blessing to our lives, our families and our community.

Yet all of these things depend on one other basic action.  It all depends on the financial giving of you and all our other church members.  Our financial gifts are the foundation of everything else that happens in our church, and none of it would happen without your financial generosity.

So count your many blessings. Out of a sense of gratitude for those blessings, please prayerfully consider your pledge of financial support.  When you are ready, fill out and return a pledge card to our Business Office.  You will find pledge cards in various locations around the church or if you would like, you may download a copy now.  If you would like to be contact about setting up automatic deductions for your current or new pledge please let us know by filling out the request on this page.

The Business Office welcomes your questions, please contact Melissa Tisdell at 405-524-2224, ext. 234 or via email


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