Commitments to Achieve Our Vision

Welcoming and Inviting
At Westminster Presbyterian Church (WPC) we are committed to reaching out to invite others to join us on our faith journey and to support them as Christian brothers and sisters in their integration into our congregation and ministry.


Out of our love and fidelity to Christ, we are committed to supporting all in our congregation to regularly participate in a worship service that inspires them to draw closer to God in their daily walk. As a reflection and expression of our worship and the adoration of the One who has given us life, we commit to financial support of God’s work and our ministry at WPC through faithful stewardship.



Whole Family Focus
We are committed to create programs that focus on the whole family, to grow them spiritually, and to support them to evangelize with others in loving acts of reconciliation within and outside our spiritual community.


Mission Service
We are committed to having all members of our congregation experience Christ’s call to discipleship through participation in some distinct form of mission service and outreach. We are committed to discovering, through prayer and discernment, which of Westminster’s unique opportunities for mission we will set as priorities and encourage all those in the Body of Christ to give heart and mind in these endeavors.


Our Challenges to Every Member

  • Invite regularly
  • Worship faithfully
  • Give sacrificially
  • Grow in small group community
  • Serve personally
  • Programs are created for the whole family
  • Mission is focused for greater impact

Where we are headed...

Westminster's Vision

Westminster Presbyterian Church (WPC) will be known as a welcoming and growing community of believers that celebrates through worship the transforming power of Jesus Christ. The community connects through biblically-based small groups, provides Christian nurture through dynamic opportunities for children, youth, and families, and shares God’s love through service in Oklahoma City and beyond.




Small Groups
We are committed to implement small group ministries within and outside of our congregation where lives are formed and transformed as the people of God and where we meet together to pray, to study, to engage in fellowship, and to participate in mission work.