Pastor's Weekly Letter

A Note From Dr. Paul J. Kirbas


Last Sunday we began our new program year. It was wonderful to see all the children and youth in our classrooms! The good news is that we started with a boom, and a lot more children were here than last year. That shows promising growth, but it also presents an urgent need. We need more volunteers to help lead our classes! Darci McKinnon, our Director of Children's Ministry, will be in the Garden Court after worship to talk with anyone who is willing to consider helping with our Sunday School classes. I hope you will consider this opportunity!

On the North Campus, we began a new schedule last Sunday. At 4:00 PM we have an educational hour, with classes for children, youth, and adults. This is followed by the 5:00 PM worship service. At the 4:00 PM Education hour, I am offering my first North Campus Pastor's Class, which is entitled "Those Nasty Gnostics". We will discover what seems to be a real conspiracy, as the early church seems to have misled us about who the Gnostics were and what they believed.

The next step for our two-campus ministry is a simple one but does require a congregational meeting. The assimilation requires some small changes to the wording of our Bylaws. These changes can only be approved through a congregational meeting, so the session has called a meeting for next Sunday, September 30, immediately following the 10:30 AM worship service. In this meeting, we will also ask the congregation to elect the North Campus representatives for our session and our Board of Trustees, as previously put in place through our approval of the Assimilation Plan. I hope you will plan to attend this brief but important meeting.

Sunday in worship we will focus on Vision, and how our vision can determine what God will do. Along with this, we will commission our new Two Campus Visioning Team. We're on our way, and it's time for a bold new vision to emerge!


In God’s Love,


Dr. Paul J. Kirbas
Pastor / Head of Staff