Pastor's Weekly Letter

A Note From Dr. Paul J. Kirbas

Dear Congregation,

On the Liturgical Calendar, today is known as Race Relations Sunday. It is the day that we recognize the teachings of the Bible concerning unity among people of difference and a time to realize how far we are from the ideal community the Bible offers. As we gather for this time of worship, let us repent from our discriminations and strive for the higher call of the God of all.

As we begin the new year, it is time for the Nominating Team to begin its work in finding our new class of elders, deacons, and trustees. The leaders of our 2020 Nominating Team are Kathy Brown and Kelly Gentry. Please be in prayer that God will lead our Nominating Team to the people God is choosing to lead our church in the new year ahead.

It is also time for us to decide on a budget for the new year, but we can’t decide that until we receive the pledges that are still outstanding. If you have not yet submitted your financial pledge for the year 2020, you will be receiving another letter asking you to participate. It will take all of us, doing our part, to make our mission possible in the year ahead.

Today we continue the new Pastor’s Class, entitled The Truth About Consumerism. Consumerism has become a global addiction. Whether we consider it a religion or not, the truth is that across the globe, many people are selling their souls to this philosophy of life. But is this new religion good for the soul, or is it an addiction that needs to be confronted? In this Pastor’s Class, we will combine the thoughts of the New Testament, ancient Greek philosophy, and modern philosophers to take a deeper look at the fake news of the consumerism promise. In addition to the New Testament, I will present ideas from 2 recent books, What Money Can’t Buy: The Moral Limits of Markets, by Michael J. Sandel, and How to be an Epicurean: The Ancient Art of Living Well, by Catherine Wilson. Join us for this first Pastor’s Class of 2020, at our new time, 8:45 AM Sunday mornings.

In God's Love,
Rev. Dr. Paul J. Kirbas
Pastor/Head of Staff