Pastor's Weekly Letter

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A Note From Rev.Landon Whitsitt

Dear Congregation,

I am so excited to finally be in Oklahoma City!

As I have thought, over the last couple of months, about arriving to join you, I keep coming back
to the fact that our time of ministry together is beginning on the First Sunday of Advent. What an appropriate day. It is the first day of the church year; the day we start anticipating the ways Christ will be born anew in our midst.

I love Advent because it gives me a chance to make something real to myself: something new is always being born, and I have a strong desire to see what it is. Advent gives me a chance to do some “As If” pretending. I like to act as if Christ was not always with us, as if the Savior of the World were not always among us. It is a good exercise for me to examine how I need to be acting in other areas of my life when I am longing for something good to arrive.

As I write this, I have no idea what our (hopefully!) many years of ministry together will bring. But I
do know a wild star is shooting across the sky, and I do know a baby will be born soon. I do know some Magi are coming with gifts. Because of that, I know that other good things are on their way. I know a vaccine is coming. I know that one day  I’ll get to be in big rooms with you all and sing as loud as we possibly can.

While I am sad I will not get to meet many of you in person for several months, I am looking forward to other opportunities to get to know your names and faces, to hear your stories, to learn of your dreams for our congregation and city. For the foreseeable future, I will be inviting congregationmembers to join me for a brief one-on-one zoom conversation. Please be on the lookout for that invitation. It may take a while to set something
up with as many as want to, but I want you to know how eager and committed I am to be in a relationship with you.

Friends, thank you for inviting me into your lives. I have every confidence that our work together is going to bring God a great deal of joy.


Rev. Landon Whitsitt 

Pastor/Head of Staff

Westminster Presbyterian Church