2016 Jamaica Mission Trip BLOG

Thursday, June 30, 2016 7:32 AM

Closing Post

Thursday, June 30, 2016 7:32 AM
Thursday, June 30, 2016 7:32 AM

Greetings from Richard Mencer (a.k.a. Nicole Mencer Brown's dad and Larry's father-in-law). I was the other adult that had the privilege of going to Jamaica with the WPC Students. Thank you for allowing me to go and supporting my way. It was a real honor to serve alongside your students.

Midway through the trip we had a much needed day off and went to a local town. Ice was the only thing I could selfishly think about. After 6 days with no water pressure, no hot water, bugs, shared showers, weird food, pink lemonade mix, crazy drivers, no AC, no Starbuck's, 110% humidity, no internet, no news and no ice I set out on a quest for ice. I managed to find a fast food restaurant that had ice and AC. This was a highlight of the day but not the highlight of the trip.

It would take a book to write all of the highlights of the trip but here are a few summary points:

1). Parents, your kids are awesome! Your kids worked hard all 10 days and were a blessing to each other and to the people of Jamaica.

2). God did a great work through the students of WPC. I heard your students read Bible verses to kids and the impoverished. I saw your students eat with the poor in their homes. Your children played with the kids in the orphanage. I saw your students encourage each other and the other two youth groups working in Jamaica. I heard your students, many who are timid, get up in front of 90 people and publicly pray, read the Bible and share about their week.

3). Community was created. Your students are from several ages and schools. It was exciting to see how quickly this group came together to serve the Lord Jesus Christ as an extension of the ministry of WPC.

God did great things through the students of WPC in Jamaica. Once again I am truly grateful for the opportunity to serve with your students. I am also thankful for .... Ice.

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