Care Teams

Care Teams

The Bereavement Care Team realizes that memorial services are a time to be with friends and families. Many of our homes are not large enough to enable friends to offer their personal condolences. Therefore the Bereavement Team will provide a reception following a memorial service for Westminster members, baking cookies, setting up and serving the refreshments, and cleaning up after the reception.

The Card Ministry Team sends cards on a frequent schedule to outpatient, hospice and ill at home members of Westminster. Each of these caring Card Ministry team members receives, by mail, a list of three names along with the cards they will need. They are then asked to send the card along with a short personal note of care, concern or encouragement to their three names. We use eight or nine volunteers for each mailing and rotate through the group. No one is asked to send cards more than four or five times during the year. The job is a small one, but a very important one and is greatly appreciated by all of our members who are ill at home for a time, are outpatients, or under hospice care.

The Hospital Visitation Team: Composed of very faithful members, this team brings a message of hope and care from Westminster Presbyterian Church to those members who are hospitalized in the Oklahoma City Metro area. These volunteers bring a word of hope and a personal greeting that Westminster Cares. By serving in this way, these individuals are also helping our pastoral staff in assuring that each and every hospitalized member knows that the church is thinking of them.

The Nursing Home Card Ministry volunteers send "thinking of you" cards to our members who reside in nursing homes, reminding our member residents that they are thought of by the church. A committee of volunteers sends each member a card once a month. 

 If you know someone wyho would benefit from one or more of these services or you would like to become a member of one of our care teams, please contact Rev. Michelle Junkin at 405.524.2224, ext. 222 or  You may also email your information to


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