The Marks of a Complete Disciple of Jesus Christ 

A Heart for Christ alone.

A mind transformed by the Word.

Arms to love.

Knees for prayer.

A voice to share the Good News

Our Strategy for becoming

Complete Disciples

Worship as God’s People, forgiven through grace

Grow in Faith, Love and Knowledge

Serve in Christ’s name


Our Mission...

To invite one and all to become complete disciples of Jesus Christ, released by grace to serve a broken world.

Core Values....

Center on Christ
With passion and innovation we will follow Christ’s example in our service, worship, leadership and daily life.   Reliant upon Biblical truth, we put the Good News of Jesus Christ as our first core value, and will learn it, love it, teach it, live it and proclaim it.

Serve with Grace
Confident of the Spirit’s power and believing that church is not something we attend but who we are called to be we respond sacrificially to love and serve all who are in physical and spiritual need.

Celebrate Community
In celebration of God’s extravagant love, we aspire to risk boldly, living in authentic Christian community with one another.

Excel in Leadership
To fulfill God’s plans for our community and beyond, we cultivate courageous and faithful leadership from laity and clergy that strives to be relevant while embracing our history.

Embrace Transformation
Changing us from the inside out, the Holy Spirit breathes into us a completely new identity, breaking the bondage of things that once drove us and freeing us from self-righteousness and self-condemnation.   We thus commit ourselves to the everyday discipline of conforming our thoughts, behaviors and relationships into the likeness of Jesus Christ.