High School Good Samaritan Registration

High School Good Samaritan Lock In Grades 9 -12
February 18 – 19 10:00 am Saturday till after church Sunday
Things we will be doing:
Compassion International Experience
Volunteering at a local organization
The Pantry Project
Laser tag
Watch movies
Eat delicious food
Bible study
And more!

Sign up online or by emailing Cindy Cannon at ccannon@wpcokc.org. We will need current medical and media release forms signed by all participants. Bring your $15 when you come.

Compassion International Experience: https://changetour.compassion.com/press-resources/oklahoma-city/

The Pantry Project: Individually and as a group we will think through your pantries and refrigerators at home. What is in them? What's been in them that hasn't been used? What gets used all the time? Then, after we've made our list, we're going to look at costs. How much do groceries normally cost? We'll compare prices and look at coupons.

Using this information, we will watch a short documentary about how expensive life and food really are, even in America. Hopefully, this will invite the youth to be more aware (and grateful) of what they have and recognize the growing need of initiatives that work to eliminate hunger

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