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Isreal Pilgrimage Tour

Dear Friends,

I think many of us are aware that there are four gospels in the Bible: Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. But I believe that there is a fifth gospel! A gospel is a telling of the story of Jesus Christ, and although these four written gospels do a wonderful job of that, the fifth gospel opens up a whole new way of understanding the life and ministry of Jesus. This fifth gospel brings his story to life, allowing us to experience it with all of our senses. What is this fifth gospel? It is the Land in which Jesus lived. It is the Holy Land...

The Bridge

Wednesday Nights will return in the fall

5:45p - 6:15p Dinner

6:15p - 6:45p Programming

6:45p - 8:15p Chancel Choir


Presbyterians in Theology is more than grabbing a pint of beer at a local pub.  PINT is  casual gathering intended for young adults to meet with our pastors to have a non-judgemental faith dialogue and foster spiritual growth.


Downtown Bible Study

We are starting a downtown Bible study that will be held on Fridays at noon.

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Community Garden

WPC’s Community Garden will need volunteers to weed and harvest throughout the growing season.

Small Group Ministries & Excursions

Small Group gatherings provide opportunities for individual and families to share fellowship in settings where they can learn about themselves and about one another while participating in spiritual nurture.