Westminster 2020
March 6-18, 2017 / Israel Pilgrimage Tour

Westminster 2020

Greatful for the Past
Vision for the Future

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March 6-18, 2017 / Israel Pilgrimage Tour

Paul & Jennifer Kirbas will be leading a trip to the Holy Land, with an extended visit to Petra in Jordan. After the jump, you will find all the information about this amazing opportunity.

Our Mission...To invite one and all to become complete disciples of Jesus Christ, released by grace to serve a broken world.

"I love Westminster Presbyterian Church because it is very comfortable. I know that with every life state, I have a peer group to call on for support." - Kelly G.

Together....let us celebrate our life in faith, let us journey toward the direction of Gods leading, and let us serve in the Strength of the Lord.

"Westminster is a way of life for me." - Linda F.

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